A tropical pineapple cocktail is pictured sitting on a blue background surrounded by mint leaves, bamboo leaves, and a tropical flower. The drink is garnished with a lime peel and a tropical flower.

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Orlando Food Photographer

Professional food photography captures the details, colors, textures, and presentation of the food, enticing customers and creating a desire to try the dishes. High-quality food photographs can be used on websites, menus, social media, and marketing materials, helping to attract customers, increase sales, and establish a strong brand image.

A photograph shows two pumpkin spice shaken espressos on a wooden cutting board, with a spoonful of pumpkin spice in the foreground. The photo is taken by Central Florida Food and Beverage Photographer, Lindsey Neumayer.

Are you in need of an Orlando Food Photographer for your business? Lindsey Neumayer is a local photographer to the Central Florida area, specializing in capturing food and beverages. Check out her portfolio and submit an inquiry here!

food photography & food styling

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “You eat with your eyes first,” then you’ll likely understand what makes professional photography so important for your food-centered business. Whether you own and operate a restaurant or you produce prepared food items in Orlando, working with a professional photographer is key to capturing all the delicious details.

Hiring a professional commercial food photographer can make the difference in your food images featured online or in physical advertisements. Professional photographers have the keen eye needed to notice even the smallest details in any dish.

cocktail & beverage photography

If you need photography of drinks on your menu for your website or you’re looking to create fresh images and video for social media, hiring a local food and beverage photographer is a great way to level up your customer experience.

A photograph shows a Fall Rum Punch made using pears and a blend of three rums. The drink is garnished with a whole allspice pod and cardamom pods, and three slices of pears. The photo is taken by Central Florida Food and Beverage Photographer, Lindsey Neumayer.
A photograph shows two cranberry Moscow mule mocktails, photographed by Orlando Beverage Phtographer, Lindsey Neumayer.
A hand from out of frame is grabbing a Chocolate Espresso Martini from a countertop. The photo was taken by Orlando Drink Photographer, Lindsey Neumayer.

food and beverage photography is perfect for you if…

  • You own and operate a restaurant in the Central Florida area
  • You own and operate a bar or lounge in the Central Florida area
  • You sell custom-created food or beverage products, like garnishes, spirits, or cocktail mixers.
  • You advertise any food goods or services online or on social media.

professional food & beverage photography services offered:

Lindsey is a local Orlando food and beverage photographer who serves the greater Central Florida area. She specializes in capturing bold and vibrant images for clients who love color! Here are some ways you can work together:

Onsite Shoots vs. In Studio Shoots

An onsite photo shoot can be beneficial in capturing the atmosphere of your establishment. Lindsey’s got the professional-grade gear needed to travel to your location to capture menu items in your restaurant’s unique location.

No physical location? No problem!

Lindsey is also able to create images in her home studio if you don’t have a physical location to shoot photos at. She also has a home photography studio that serves as a one-stop shop, equipped with a wide variety of professional props, backdrops, and editing equipment.

Product Photography

Got a food or beverage product you need to promote? Photography is one of the best ways to do that! Lindsey has years of experience capturing product photography for national brands, including Duralex and GIR.

need more info?

Reach out with your project ideas and let’s chat! As a professional photographer, her job is to help you get the deliverables you need most at the budget you have. If you are interested in booking food and beverage photography services for your Central Florida restaurant, reach out to Lindsey today!

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