I'm inspired by seasonal foods, and flavors that spark feelings. My clients love me because i'm not afraid of bold color, and I like to have a fun with work!

I have a background in education, design, and am even classically trained in baking and pastry arts!

The common threads in my life have always been food and fun, so I'm excited to help you capture what makes your brand special.

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Hi, I'm Lindsey, your brand's new BFF. 👋🏻

Work doesn't have to be just another four letter word.

A charcuterie board is a perfectly acceptable dinner.

When we share our food we also share our stories.

I believe:

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a recipe for fun

I love capturing every detail, no matter how small. My background in design means I know what looks good and why.


Life is sweet and every day is worth celebrating, so I believe in treating yourself! 

sweet tooth

I believe there's always a bright side, even on a cloudy day.

sunny side up

I love using fresh, seasonal ingredients to stay inspired in my work!


There's no shying away from bold bright colors here! I love color so much that even my wedding dress was rainbow-hued.


My day-to-day is spent working as a recipe developer and food photographer. My food blog is called a recipe for fun and it's where I showcase original, creative, and seasonal beverage recipes for home cooks. 

I have a food blog featuring creative, seasonal recipes

I'm always on the hunt for something new to learn about, and I love figuring out how to best style and edit photos for that WOW factor. All that attention to detail helps bring in the cheddar!

I am fueled by creativity, curiosity, and cheese.

The first time I ever baked was with my grandmother, and we made cinnamon rolls. Growing up with an Italian grandmother who cooked everything from scratch kind of spoiled me a bit, but pizza is my all-time favorite food!

My favorite food is pizza.

I ended up getting my degree in education and instructional design, but no class was more fun than my cookie class. Yup. You heard that right. A whole class, just for cookies.

I studied baking and pastry arts in college.

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